Applying & Entering Singapore to Study

How to Apply?

To help ensure that you are the right steps for your application, here is a guideline to apply to  institutions in Singapore.

Local Universities/Polytechnics/Institute of Technical Education

  1. Check the course brochure or university websites of your choice, and ensure that you meet the academic requirements.
  2. Directly apply to the institution providing your relevant certification and documentation. Note that local universities accept online applications.
  3. Some of the institutions or courses will require an interview or entrance examination.
  4. Once accepted to the institution of your choice, you will receive a Letter of Offer. Applicants who apply via online to local universities can check their application status online.
  5. Sign acceptance form and return it by the closing date.
  6. You should receive a package, and you should plan to be in at least two weeks before the semester starts.

Private Schools
Private schools perform their own admissions exercises, oftehn via the media or through course brochures.

  1. Apply directly to the school accompanied by the relevant certification and documentation. 
  2. You will be kept informed of your application status and sent a Letter of Offer upon acceptance.
  3. Check and ensure the school is registered Ministry of Education (MOE) or has Edutrust exemption, and that the course has been approved.
  4. Check the course brochure or school website, to ensure you meet the entry requirements.
  5. Ensure that the course, certification, school facilities and services for international students are up to your expectations.
  6. Apply directly to the school, providing your relevant certification and documentation.
  7. You will be kept informed of your application status and be issued a Letter of Offer upon acceptance.

Student's Pass Application
Foreigners must apply for a Student Pass, if he / she has been accepted by educational institutions, and will study a full-time courses in Singapore, unless he / she is:

  • Dependant's Pass holder studying in a Government/ Government-Aided/ Independent school/ Foreign System School/ Kindergarten registered with MOE or Childcare centre licensed by MCYS;
  • Immigration Exemption Order holder; or
  • Visitor who has been granted a short term Visit Pass at the Singapore Checkpoint and wish to participate in a short course that can be completed within the validity of the initial Visit Pass granted to him/her at the Singapore Checkpoint or 30 days, whichever is shorter.

Once the Letter of Acceptance (which is valid for 2 weeks) from the school has been received, the applicant must proceed to the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) to apply for a Student’s Pass.

For further information on how to apply for Student’s Pass for admission to the following educational institutions, follow these links:

Please visit the Student’s Pass Application section in ICA’s Website for online application and further information.