Singapore Institute of Technology Partners Five Overseas Universities to Offer Degree Programmes Posted: 26 March 2010; Category: National

The Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) will launch its first eight degree programmes with five overseas university partners from August 2010, one year ahead of schedule. Students enrolled in SIT will receive degrees from these overseas universities that are the equivalent of those awarded in their home countries. There will be about 500 places available in these eight programmes for Academic Year (AY) 2010. SIT will open for admissions on 10 March 2010 and welcomes polytechnic graduates to apply.

2The overseas universities and the programmes offered are listed in the table below:

Overseas University Programme offered
Technische Universität München (TUM), Germany Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
Newcastle University (NU), UK
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Marine Technology with Honours in Naval Architecture
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Marine Technology with Honours in Marine Engineering
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Marine Technology with Honours in Off-shore Engineering
DigiPen Institute of Technology (DigiPen), USA
  • Bachelor of Science with specialisation in Real-Time Interactive Simulation/ Game Design
  • Bachelor of Arts with specialisation in Production Animation/ Game Design
Culinary Institute of America (CIA), USA Name of degree programme to be confirmed.
University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV), USA Bachelor of Science in Hotel Administration

3These reputable overseas university partners have been selected for their high academic standing and strong industry reputation, as well as their commitment to providing a good quality education for SIT students. For instance, TUM is ranked amongst the top German universities, particularly in Engineering, and is consistently listed as one of the top 100 universities in the Times Higher Education Supplement. NU is a member of the Russell Group of UK universities and is known for its excellence in the area of marine science and technology. Offering a rigorous programme with strong industry links, DigiPen is a renowned authority in game development education. CIA is recognised and respected as a leader in culinary education, and is consistently ranked the best culinary school in the USA. Recognised as one of the top hospitality schools in the world, UNLV will provide skilled manpower for the growing hospitality industry in Singapore. (Please refer to the Annex (80kb .pdf) for details on these universities.)

4These overseas university partners will offer high quality, rigorous programmes that are industry relevant and will prepare SIT students for employment in identified growth sectors. The universities are working closely with SIT and the polytechnics to ensure that the SIT curriculum builds on the strengths of the polytechnics’ diploma curricula. SIT students will benefit from being taught by, and interacting with, faculty members from the partner universities, some of whom will be in Singapore to teach the degree programmes, alongside SIT faculty. SIT will also tap on adjunct faculty, including polytechnic lecturers and industry practitioners, to enrich the learning experience for its students. SIT students will enjoy industrial attachments, internships, as well as overseas exchange programmes at the home campuses of the overseas universities.

5The degree programmes will be conducted at SIT facilities located within the campuses of the polytechnics to harness synergies, for example, access to specialised engineering laboratories. Nonetheless, each polytechnic will provide a dedicated space where SIT teaching and activities will take place.

SIT Admissions Exercise

6SIT’s admissions exercise is scheduled to open on 10 March 2010 and will close on 8 April 2010. Interested students can apply through the SIT website. Applicants will undergo a holistic assessment that includes academic criteria, extra-curricular interests and the candidates’ personal qualities. Work experience will also be a key consideration. Candidates will also be assessed through interviews. For specific programmes, students may have to submit portfolios or essays.

7SIT welcomes polytechnic graduates with work experience to apply, as their maturity and real-world knowledge will bring valuable perspectives into the classroom and add value to the strong industry relevance of SIT’s degree offerings.

Background on SIT

8SIT was established in 2009 to provide another pathway for polytechnic graduates to obtain industry-relevant degrees. SIT plans to offer places to 2,000 full-time students at steady-state. The duration of SIT degree programmes would typically be about two years for students with the requisite qualifications.

9SIT is currently in discussion with other university partners to offer programmes in other areas of growth. Details on these partnerships will be provided later.